Art residencies and more...

I just returned from a month long printmaking residency in upstate New York at Women's Studio Workshop. Working up there was amazing and the studios and support was outstanding. I got lots of work done in the etching and silkscreen studios and my first large scale installation for my new series The World Domination Project. I am excited to have another installation popping up in Brooklyn in the late fall / early winter of 2014. Along with this new installation work, I came back with a new pile of prints which will be up on the site soon, and am gearing up for my next few months.

...2015! (Already?!?!)

2015 holds some new adventures. I'll be moving into a new studio space at some point in the new year, doing an art residency and solo exhibition at the Harrison Center for the Arts in Indianapolis. And, having my first show in Los Angeles.

Stay tuned for more updates.